Exploring Spring in Colors with New Bobo Tokyo and Carlyn Collections

Sometimes we notice people wearing outfits or accessories that make them really stand out. That's usually because those clothes or accessories have eye-catching colors! Each season brings new creativity to fashion, and this spring, it's all about embracing lively colors.

In the latest collections from Bobo Tokyo and Carlyn, here are the highlights showcasing the colors of the spring season of our newest must-haves. 

Carlyn bags are known for their puffy quilted designs, Carlyn decided to mix things up a bit with their Coco and Tia lines. Instead of sticking to the traditional puffy quilted style, they went for a more hobo bag look. 

The design of Carlyn’s Tia Bag takes inspiration from the very design of ballet shoes with a tube-shaped tip; embracing the ballet core. Comes in two sizes, Tia’s color selection reminds us of the delicate hues of spring.

Named after the famous meringue cake, the shape of Carlyn’s Meringue Bag resembles the whipped-cream texture of the cake.

While Carlyn resembles the Spring season in soft hues, for Bobo Tokyo’s latest collection, Spring comes with a unique twist. 

The Okado Cotton Linen Shirt is not your typical boyfriend shirt. It's a mix of old-school charm and modern style, making it perfect for any type of occasion this season.


Next in line, Ichirou is the combination of comfy and versatile comes in one sweater—ideal for chilly days! 

Say goodbye to those plain tank tops. Yoshiaki Tank Top brings fun to your wardrobe with its eye-catching designs and bold stylish colorful stitching locks details. You can get Yoshiaki tanks in Spring time colors like pink, brown, yellow, and blue.


Lastly, imagine a flared skirt that's both timeless and stylish. What makes the Hori skirt special are its four new patterns. The natural designs and animal prints match the freshness and liveliness of spring. 

Embrace the spark of Spring in the latest collection of Bobo Tokyo & Carlyn, only on BOBOBOBO